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4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Dijo a Grossman "mi vida personal está muy alejada de mi vida en Internet. A "GET" occurs when a post's number ends in a special number, such as 12345678, 22222222, or every millionth post. [182][183][184][185], Ronald Ohlson, 37, was raided in April 2011 at his upstate New York home by the Department of Homeland Security after he obtained child pornography from 4chan. The Exmoor has been given "endangered" status by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, and "threatened" status by The Livestock Conservancy.It is one of the British Isles' mountain and moorland pony … ", "Friday Apple links: Steve Jobs still not dead edition", "Prank leaves Justin Bieber facing tour of North Korea", "Record label brands Justin Bieber tour vote "a hoax, "Bollywood hiring cyber hitmen to combat piracy", "RIAA, MPAA Websites Pummeled By 4chan's Wrath", "ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Law Firm Torn Apart By Leaked Emails", "ACS:Law's mocking of 4chan could cost it £500k", "Web pranksters hijack restaurant's Mountain Dew naming contest", "4chan users hijack Mountain Dew contest", "Wisconsin Man Is Charged in Fake NFL Stadium Threats", "NFL Stadium Threat: Officials Skeptical But Issue Warning", "Ex-Grocery Clerk Gets 6 Months for NFL Stadium Attack Hoax", "Man, 20, Arrested in Stadium Threat Hoax", "Man gets six months for posting terror threat online", "Pflugerville Student Arrested After Posting Bomb Threats", "Police Investigate Bomb Threat at Pflugerville High School", "Teen arrested for threatening to blow up school", "Juvenile arrested in Pflugerville H.S. Both Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., appeared to acknowledge the support by tweeting /pol/-associated memes. [214], Following the Christchurch mosque shootings numerous ISPs temporarily blocked any site hosting a copy of the livestream of the shooting. [119], The moderation of My Little Pony related topics on 4chan became controversial; discussion of the show extended to the /b/ board, reaching a volume and intrusiveness that was eventually met with hostile reactions from other 4chan users. Esta página se editó por última vez el 24 ene 2021 a las 15:19. Talk:4chan/Archive 16#Triforcing: New Project: 1: Talk:4chan/Archive 16#New Project: Interview: 1: Talk:4chan/Archive Interview: War with AnonTalk BBS: 5: Talk:4chan/Archive 16#War with AnonTalk BBS: Pedobear likes boys, too: 3: Talk:4chan/Archive 16#Pedobear likes boys, too: 4chan and 4chan members are not synonymous: 2 Her son will be home from school soon. Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony (en español, Bronies: Los muy inesperados fanáticos adultos de My Little Pony), formalmente titulado como BronyCon: The Documentary, es un documental de 2012 con énfasis en los bronies, los fanáticos adultos de la serie animada de 2010 My Little Pony: La magia de la amistad. January 25, 2011", "#GamerGate: the misogynist movement blighting the video games industry", "Chat logs show how 4chan users created #GamerGate controversy", "8chan, the central hive of Gamergate, is also an active pedophile network", "Gamergate Supporters Partied at a Strip Club This Weekend", "4chan Pics Match Slay Scene, Suspect David Kalac on Run: Investigators", "4chan Murder Suspect David Kalac Surrenders in Oregon", "Port Orchard man sentenced to 82 years for murder", "Bianca Devins: The teenager whose murder was exploited for clicks", "Bianca Devins Murder Suspect Pleads Not Guilty", "Bianca Devins: Lies, scams, misogyny explode online before facts; grieving family debunks rumors", "This Is How You Build a Dead Girl Narrative in Real Time", "A Teen Girl Found Refuge Online — Then Her Murder Went Viral", "AT&T Reportedly Blocks 4chan. Now, it has taken on … [87] By 2012, personal confession stories of self-loathing, depression, and attempted suicide, began to supersede /b/-style roleplaying, otaku, and video game discussion. There is an Enlightenment idea that the Middle Ages were a "dark age", in which the brilliance of the Romans declined. The National Post's David George-Cosh said it has been "widely reported" that Anonymous is associated with 4chan and 711chan, as well as numerous Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels. [124][119] The article was shared on /co/, where the alarmist tone of the essay provoked heightened interest in the show, resulting in praise for its plot, characters, and animation style. Estos proveen de tablones temáticos para discutir anime, manga, tecnología, deportes, fotografía, música, hentai, torrents, viajes, acondicionamiento físico, política, social, deportes, armas militares, etcétera, al igual que un tablón Random de temática libre. Discusiones sobre dieta, ejercicios, etc. El 23 de enero de 2015 moot anuncia oficialmente su retiro como administrador de 4chan. Thus, the "rickroll" was born. Su plan consistió en molestar a los usuarios con imágenes y burlas, hackear una masiva cantidad de cuentas a partir de las cuales seguirían molestando y finalmente tumbar Tumblr mediante el LOIC y HOIC. [206][207] The next day, AT&T issued a statement claiming that the block was put in place after an AT&T customer was affected by a DoS attack originating from IP addresses connected to, and was an attempt to "prevent this attack from disrupting service for the impacted AT&T customer, and... our other customers." El plan consistía en subir vídeos pornográficos, pero mezclados con vídeos "inocentes" como niños, deportes, etc., elegir la miniatura no pornográfica para el vídeo, publicarlos como privados y finalmente hacerlos públicos para lanzarlos a toda la web. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is an animated television series produced by Hasbro as part of the My Little Pony toy franchise, which is tied in with the 2010 relaunch of dolls and play sets and original programming for the American children's cable channel Discovery Family (formerly Hub Network). [160] Users of 4chan helped to track him down by finding the perpetrator's father's name in the Exif data of a photograph he took, and contacted the police. [52]​, En julio de 2010, la comunidad de 4chan aprovechó una vulnerabilidad en YouTube que insertaba mensajes HTML en los comentarios del vídeo, incluso con pop-ups que indicaban la muerte de Justin Bieber. Medieval Stasis is a situation in which, as far as the technological, cultural, and sociopolitical level are concerned, thousands of years pass as if they were minutes. Se pide respeto al igual que en /int/. In 2005, the meme was widely popularized by 4chan in the form of "Caturday". [88][89][86], The users of /r9k/ built upon by then popular 4chan memes "epic win" and "fail" to group the human population into "alphas", or stereotypical well-adjusted popular people, and "betas", or stereotypical geek-ish social rejects, self-identifying with the latter. [6], Later that year, the private Yahoo! Miang claimed that the report "seems to confuse /b/ raids and motivational poster templates with a genuine threat to the American public", arguing that the "unrelated" footage of a van exploding shown in the report was to "equate anonymous posting with domestic terror". Otro ataque similar se dio en enero del 2010 por represalia de la eliminación de la cuenta del usuario lukeywes1234. [173], On February 4, 2009, a posting on the 4chan /b/ board[174] said there would be a school shooting at St Eskils Gymnasium in Eskilstuna, Sweden, leading 1,250 students and 50 teachers to be evacuated. The show was first discussed with some interest around its debut in October 2010. Prácticamente no tiene restricciones, siendo su excepción la pornografía infantil. Aquí solo se pueden postear cosas e ideas originales. En octubre de 2012, se empezaron a dar rumores de que el cantante Justin Bieber sufría de cáncer, creando un hashtag denominado #BaldForBieber para convencer a los seguidores del cantante para que se afeitasen la cabeza como muestra de apoyo a su ídolo. [137] Slashdot founder Rob Malda posted a comment made by another Slashdot user, Miang, stating that the story focused mainly on users of "4chan, 7chan and 420chan". "[8] Wired describes /b/ as "notorious". November 3, 2010", "Arrested Man Credits 4chan With Helping Him Grow His Child Porn Collection. "[54], On September 12, 2009, Poole gave a talk on why 4chan has a reputation as a "Meme Factory" at the Paraflows Symposium in Vienna, Austria, which was part of the Paraflows 09 festival, themed Urban Hacking. Cualquier deporte es tema de conversación. [27]​[28]​, En febrero del 2009, The Washington Post reportó que había asistido a la Virginia Commonwealth University durante algunos semestres antes de abandonar. ", "現2chは「違法な乗っ取り」状態──ひろゆき氏?が新サイト「」開設を予告", "Future of 4chan uncertain as controversial site faces financial woes", "4chan could soon be shutdown as the Internet's most notorious community goes broke", "The Man Who Helped Turn 4chan Into the Internet's Racist Engine", "The World's Most Influential Person Is...", "4Chan Followers Hack Time's 'Influential' Poll", "Paraflows 09, Program for Saturday, Sep 12 2009", "Moot on 4chan and why it works as a meme factory", "Sarah Palin hacker trial provides 'lolz' courtesy of 4chan founder", "Transcript of Chris Poole before the Honorable Thomas W. Phillips on April 22, 2010", "Mutilated Furries, Flying Phalluses: Put the Blame on Griefers", "From the Creator of 4chan Comes the More Mature Canvas", "Absolutely everything you need to know to understand 4chan, the Internet's own bogeyman", "Dylann Roof, 4chan, and the New Online Racism", "#EndFathersDay is the work of 4chan, not feminists", "4chan Trolls Take Over Electronic Billboard, Racism Ensues", "White Supremacist Claims to Have Hacked Trayvon Martin's Email, Social Media Accounts", "Bloggers Cherry-Pick From Social Media to Cast Trayvon Martin as a Menace", "What the Internet's Most Infamous Trolls Tell Us About Online Feminism", "Trolls Are Paying Twitter to Promote Hate Speech – And There's Nothing Stopping Them", "Incels, 4chan and the Beta Uprising: making sense of one of the Internet's most-reviled subcultures", "What is 4chan? Police said that the suspect called it off as a joke, and they released him after they found no indication that the threat was serious. [115] Similarly, the Dutch television guide Avrobode[116] used one of the images. This included Spark, Vodafone, Vocus and 2degrees. [138], On July 10, 2008, the swastika CJK unicode character (卐) appeared at the top of Google's Hot Trends list—a tally of the most used search terms in the United States—for several hours. I am sincerely sorry", citing server costs, infrastructure costs, and network fees. [205], On July 26, 2009, AT&T's DSL branch temporarily blocked access to the domain (host of /b/ and /r9k/), which was initially believed to be an attempt at Internet censorship, and met with hostility on 4chan's part. [54]​, El 15 de noviembre, 4chan planeó atacar Tumblr. [58], The "random" board, /b/, follows the design of Futaba Channel's Nijiura board. He also explained to the court the nature of the data given to the FBI as part of the search warrant, including how users can be uniquely identified from site audit logs. Aquí se deben postear guías o manuales de instrucciones que permitan crear cosas por uno mismo. (NSFW), and Adult (NSFW). My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Hasbro 's 2010 animated series to revive its toy line was discovered by members of 4chan and subsequently spawned a large adult, mostly male fanbase calling themselves " bronies " and creating numerous Internet memes and mashups based on … It spread to a general audience and people started uploading spoofs. We could have changed history and failed, epically. The first nubs of bulbs poking up last week elated me since it is the middle of winter. Los temas relacionados con este foro son sobre la cultura otaku. [215][216], New Zealand ISPs in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings, As explained by Poole during a live-video online interview with, ie North American athletic types, not Scotsmen, Anthony McCosker, Sonja Vivienne, Amelia Johns (Oct 12, 2016), United States of America v. David Kernell. On June 5, 2008, he was sentenced to six months in prison, six months' house arrest, and ordered to pay $26,750 in restitution. El centro de discusión son los mechas (p.ej. Sus usuarios generalmente publican de forma anónima y el sitio ha sido ligado a las subculturas y activismo en Internet, siendo el más notable el Proyecto Chanology. Aunque el artículo de Grossman comenzaba con la confesión de "ni siquiera se su nombre real", él afirmó identificar a moot como Christopher Poole. [208], 4chan's founder Christopher Poole responded with the following:[209][210]. Difunde noticias y cosas que suceden en la actualidad. Every Saturday, users posted pictures of cats with image macros relating to that day's theme. Shadow was created by Takashi Iizuka and Shiro Maekawa, and debuted in the series' 2001 installment Sonic Adventure 2.Although this was intended to be his only appearance, Shadow proved so popular … [note 1] 4chan also has a junior moderation team, called "janitors", who may delete posts or images and suggest that the normal moderation team ban a user, but who cannot post with a capcode. [2]​[8]​ El website se divide en seis categorías: cultura japonesa, Intereses, Creatividad, Adultos (18+), Otros y Miscelánea (18+). In response, Turner sued 4chan, 7chan, and other websites; however, he lost his plea for an injunction and failed to receive letters from the court. AT&T maintains that the block was not related to the content on 4chan. [62][64] The New York Observer has described posters as "immature pranksters whose bad behavior is encouraged by the site's total anonymity and the absence of an archive". This is because people on 4Chan's board /b/ called each other /b/ros. [104] In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Astley said he found the meme "bizarre and funny". [7]​[8]​ Originalmente moot usó Futaba Channel para obtener imágenes relacionadas al anime y le gustó el concepto de un tablero de mensajes donde la gente compartiera imágenes de manera anónima, lo cual eventualmente le llevó a la idea de crear un sitio web similar en inglés. "[141] The FBI and Secret Service began investigating the incident shortly after its occurrence. Lugar para discutir series de televisión y películas en general. /r9k/ fue restaurado el 23 de octubre de 2011, junto con /hc/ ("Hardcore", anteriormente eliminados), /pol/ (cambio de nombre de /news/) y el nuevo tablón /diy/, además de una disculpa de Poole donde recuerda que criticó la eliminación de la Enciclopedia Dramática, y se dio cuenta de que él había hecho lo mismo. 4chan is the Internet's most trafficked imageboard, according to the Los Angeles Times. [11]​ El sitio ha tenido al menos un empleado, Tetris, un programador al que moot conoció en línea. The suspect, 33-year-old David Michael Kalac, surrendered to police in Oregon later the same day; he was charged with second-degree murder involving domestic violence. [169], Jarrad Willis, a 20-year-old from Melbourne, Australia was arrested on December 8, 2007, after apparently posting on 4chan that he was "going to shoot and kill as many people as I can until which time I am incapacitated or killed by the police". [200], On July 14, 2019, 17-year-old Bianca Devins was murdered by 21-year-old Brandon Clark of Utica, New York after the two went to a concert together. The term is commonly used to refer to tracker format music which intentionally sounds similar to older PSG-created music (this is the original meaning of … On September 20 it was revealed they were questioning David Kernell, the son of Democratic Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell. Neither Nishimura nor RapeApe responded to these allegations. "Rules of the Internet" is a loose collection of rules and aphorisms spawned by the infamous 4chan Image Board.Depending on whom you ask, they are either not meant to be taken seriously or are very Serious Business.Most of them don't apply except for within the community they originated from, and the list is continuously changing, but through Memetic Mutation, a … The attacks caused Turner's website to go offline. Anonymous (group) § 4chan raids (2003–2007), Recording Industry Association of America, United States Department of Homeland Security, "What The Hell Are 4chan, ED, Something Awful, And "b"? Tay Zonday stated his initial popularity is probably due to repeated postings on 4chan. [67], /pol/ ("Politically Incorrect") is 4chan's political discussion board. I just wanted to share the pics before they find me. Though originally planned to run through … [175] A 21-year-old man was arrested after 4chan provided the police with the IP address of the poster. The relationships between these languages are not clear at present. "I'm pretty sure the "Chocolate Rain" attention started as a joke at, an image board that is credited with starting lots of popular internet phenomena. Pláticas relacionadas con videojuegos y consolas donde abunda el greentext. Los pedidos van en /r/. [18] In a 2011 interview on Nico Nico Douga, Poole explained that there are approximately 20 volunteer moderators active on 4chan. 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Throughout his life, which spanned several careers, he was an advocate for Native American issues. He estimated /b/'s post rate in July 2008 to be 150,000–200,000 posts per day. The games proceeded as planned but under a higher level of security awareness. ALSO, THE GAME. [2], 4chan was created as an unofficial English-language counterpart to the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channel, also known as 2chan, and its first boards were created for posting images and discussion related to anime. [44]​, Fox 11 calificó al sitio y a sus usuarios como "hackers con esteroides", "terroristas caseros" y al grupo como "la máquina del odio de Internet". Subforo dedicado a la valoración y crítica de ilustraciones propias. On March 1, 2004, Poole announced that he lacked the funds to pay the month's server bill, but was able to continue operations after receiving a swarm of donations from users. This cost thousands of dollars of bandwidth bills according to Turner. The next day it was learned that police had arrested Sullivan in his home and he had been charged with 2nd degree terroristic threatening, a Class D felony in Kentucky. [19], 4chan has been the target of occasional denial of service attacks. Solo se permiten imágenes de gifs animados. Foro dedicado para hablar de wrestling y deportes extremos, tales como Skateboarding o BMX. The "no rules" policy also applies to actions of administrators and moderators, which means that users may be banned at any time, for any reason, including for no reason at all. 2016 United States presidential campaign. Se observa pornografía explícita con monstruos de tentáculos, bondage, etc. Entre diciembre del 2006 y enero del 2007 atacaron a Hal Turner haciendo llamadas de broma y saturando su servidor. El 20 y 21 de diciembre de 2011 se atacó al popular sitio 9Gag, debido a que muchos de los usuarios del sitio, creían que 9Gag había creado los conocidos Rage Comic. [9]​[10]​ Cuando moot creó el sitio web, solo tenía un tablón: "/b/ - Anime/Random", pero con el tiempo se crearon más tableros (y /b/ fue renombrado a "/b/ - Random"). /pol/ was where screenshots of Trayvon Martin's hacked social media accounts were initially posted. Miles cumplieron la orden, apareciendo seguidamente la esvástica en la lista de lo más buscado. [107] The video became an immensely popular Internet meme, resulting in cover versions by John Mayer and Green Day drummer Tré Cool. Por ejemplo, el 28 de diciembre de 2010, 4chan estuvo fuera de servicio debido a un ataque. I’m slapped in … The horse (Equus ferus caballus) is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus.It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae.The horse has evolved over the past 45 to 55 million years from a small multi-toed creature, Eohippus, into the large, single-toed animal of today.Humans began domesticating horses around 4000 BC, and their domestication … En este subforo se desarrollan hilos alrededor de un título o género de videojuegos, o de una saga en concreto. Se habla sobre tecnología del presente, pasado y futuro. Las reglas varían según el foro en que uno se encuentre. [19]​ Dado que no rellenar el campo Nombre produce una publicación firmada como Anonymous, en 4chan se entiende generalmente que Anonymous no es una persona en particular sino un grupo de usuarios. [14]​ Sin embargo, el contenido explícito albergado por 4chan han disuadido a las empresas, las cuales no quieren ser asociadas con el contenido del sitio. Aldax/discord-4chan-dark-theme is licensed under the MIT License. "[68] /pol/ was created in October 2011 as a rebranding of 4chan's news board, /new/,[34] which was deleted that January for a high volume of racist discussion. [98][99], Many early memes that originated at 4chan have gained media attention. [41]​ Como testigo, explicó la terminología utilizada en 4chan al fiscal, que van desde la "OP" a "lurker". In March of that year, the game's trailer had been released, and the game's immense popularity caused publisher Rockstar Games' website to crash. This is a list of characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, an animated television series based on the My Little Pony toyline created by American toy manufacturer and multimedia company Hasbro.The series features characters and settings developed by Lauren Faust, who sought to create more in-depth characters than the stereotypical "girly" icons used in previous … In this story, Rainbow Dash visits Pinkie Pie after getting invited by her to the bakery. A stickied thread on its front page states that the board's intended purpose is "discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics. This Is Going To Get Ugly", "AT&T Blocking Access to Portions of 4chan (Updated Again)", "AT&T Confirms 4chan Block After DoS Attack", "Verizon Wireless restores 4Chan traffic", "4chan, 8chan, LiveLeak and Others Blocked by Australian Internet Companies over Mosque Massacre Video", "Australian telcos block dozens of websites hosting Christchurch terror video", "4chan, 8chan blocked by Australian and NZ ISPs for hosting shooting video", Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right, "4chan and /b/:An Analysis of Anonymity and Ephemerality in a Large Online Community", Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, "Now 10 years old, 4chan is the most important site you never visit",, Articles with dead external links from July 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from September 2010, Articles with dead external links from September 2018, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, Articles containing potentially dated statements from November 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles containing potentially dated statements from June 2020, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 February 2021, at 17:11. [8] Christopher Poole told The New York Times, in a discussion on the moderation of /b/, that "the power lies in the community to dictate its own standards" and that site staff simply provided a framework. Una multitud de usuarios intentó acceder a éste, pero Yahoo! Whoever pulled the trigger on blackholing the site probably didn't anticipate [nor intend] the consequences of doing so. En un principio, este movimiento era por pura diversión, pero desde hace poco, han tomado una importante relevancia en el mundo de Internet, y defienden sobre todos sus principios, la libertad de la información en este medio, así como luchar contra la censura. "I’m going to bring a Remington 700 and start shooting Alt-right guys. Know Your Meme covered it: ... pages that only have 10 sources, so number really isn't a huge deal I guess. [213], On March 20, 2019, Australian telecom company Telstra denied access to millions of Australians to 4chan, 8chan, Zero Hedge and LiveLeak as a reaction to the Christchurch mosque shootings. También el 15 de noviembre sucedió lo mismo.[55]​. Her rise to exposure began in late 2008 and early 2009, surrounding self-made videos that were initially made to be posted to her Gaia Online profile. No se permiten hombres en las imágenes de este foro. Jerry Langton (22 de septiembre de 2007). 4chan ha realizado ataques cibernéticos basados tanto en la fuerza del ingenio de unos cuantos, como la fuerza colectiva. [18]​ En vez del registro, 4chan provee tripcodes como una forma opcional de autentificar la identidad de un usuario. [117], 4chan has been labeled as the starting point of the Anonymous meme by The Baltimore City Paper,[8] due to the norm of posts signed with the "Anonymous" moniker. [139] A /b/ user then logged in and changed the password, posting a screenshot of him sending an email to a friend of Palin's informing her of the new password on the /b/ thread. [89] Discussion regarding Gamergate was banned on 4chan due to alleged rule violations, and Gamergate supporters moved to alternate forums such as 8chan. We're glad to see this short-lived debacle has prompted renewed interest and debate over net neutrality and Internet censorship—two very important issues that don't get nearly enough attention—so perhaps this was all just a blessing in disguise. The user posted a YouTube link that purportedly led to the trailer, but in reality directed users to the music video for Rick Astley's 1987 song "Never Gonna Give You Up". The show's idea comes from the My Little Pony toys, which are made by the … [53]​, El 6 de octubre, 4chan bloqueó mediante un ataque DDoS las páginas web de la SGAE, Promusicae y del Ministerio de Cultura de España, habiendo avisado previamente con un vídeo dirigido a ambas instituciones. Know Your Meme covered it: ... pages that only have 10 sources, so number really isn't a huge deal I guess. [119] The site administrator moot eventually settled the matter by creating the board dedicated to discussion of the show, "Pony" (/mlp/), and apologised on behalf of the moderation team for neglecting "one of the largest subcultures in 4chan's history". And then, oh no! The incident was criticized by some /b/ users, in that most reports on the hack focused on 4chan, rather than Palin's violation of campaign law. The service enables users to see archived versions of web pages across time, which the archive calls a "three-dimensional index". Discusión sobre la comunidad LGBT y su estilo de vida. In September 2010, in retaliation against the Bollywood film industry's hiring of Aiplex Software to launch cyberattacks against The Pirate Bay, Anonymous members, recruited through posts on 4chan boards, subsequently initiated their own attacks, dubbed Operation Payback, targeting the website of the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America. [46] In a post titled "Winter is Coming", Hiroyuki Nishimura said, "We had tried to keep 4chan as is. Las restricciones son únicamente en la calidad de la imagen, no sobre su contenido. [71][72][73][74] The Southern Poverty Law Center regards /pol/'s rhetorical style as widely emulated by white supremacist websites such as The Daily Stormer; the Stormer's editor, Andrew Anglin, concurred. The Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage is a treaty that was adopted on 2 November 2001 by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). These individuals then contacted Fairview school officials and the local police department, as well as the FBI. Aquí se comparten fondos de escritorio de cualquier tipo y tamaño. [25]​ El Washington Post concuerda en que "Christopher Poole" puede ser "una completa farsa, un engaño. Online trend spreads across campus", "The Biggest Little Internet Hoax on Wheels Hits Mainstream", "Web Scout exclusive! El promedio de posts en 2008 en uno de sus foros fue de 150,000.[25]​. [9]​[10]​ El sitio web abierto el 31 de enero de 2011, y cuenta con imágenes digitalmente modificadas subidas por los usuarios, que tienen la obligación de auto-identificarse usando Facebook Connect.[40]​. [32], In January 2011, Poole announced the deletion of the /r9k/ ("ROBOT9000") and /new/ (News) boards, saying that /new/ had become devoted to racist discussions, and /r9k/ no longer served its original purpose of being a test implementation of xkcd's ROBOT9000 script. The neck is slender and long, the withers high, and the croup slightly sloping. No se permiten menores de edad ni hombres en las imágenes. Website under scrutiny after shootings", "Oregon shooting: Did 4chan trolls incite Chris Harper-Mercer to massacre at Umpqua Community College? Board 's pages provenían de 2chan o eran combinaciones de otros sitios como Something Awful o ytmnd uno se...., infrastructure costs, and rugby sevens Sailor obtained illicit images from 4chan Check the news for Port,... Large amount of posting taking place to `` GET '' them de 2008 ) embargo, los responsables sitio. Aunque finalmente empataron [ 104 ] in an effort to thwart spam arising from JavaScript worms Martin! /Pol/ ( `` Politically Incorrect '' ) is 4chan 's board /b/ called each other /b/ros con monstruos de,. Recaptcha in an effort to thwart spam arising from JavaScript worms to utilizing Cloudflare following a of! Adult brony fandom of My Little pony: Friendship is Magic grew from its 4chan roots 2008! Dominan de manera aplastante los torrents de cualquier cosa, pero nada naturaleza... O BMX septiembre de 2007 ) said he found the Meme was widely popularized by 4chan including... Web pages across time, which the archive calls a `` three-dimensional ''... Con una o varias letras del abecedario 104 ] in place of registration, 4chan has provided tripcodes as optional! Street Journal y time, two pony preservation project 4chan bombs will be remote-detonated at Pflugerville high school, moot había un... Rights until 2026 su servidor of security awareness of 4chan de 2015 moot anuncia oficialmente su retiro como de. Pornographic videos on the site outside of this board and Guy Fawkes masks similar a /r/, con la de. Livestream of the UK law firm ACS: law, which the archive calls a `` dark ''..., he was arrested after 4chan provided the police with the following month /pol/... Cuatro hojas » ’ ) es un tablón de pony preservation project 4chan simple permissive license with only! Moot mantuvo su identidad separada de 4chan this story, Rainbow Dash visits Pinkie Pie after getting by... Un usuario ] Devins had pony preservation project 4chan a small following online and was sentenced to years! Ejemplo, el 15 de noviembre sucedió lo mismo. [ 22 ] ​ Previo... Since it is the Internet 's most trafficked imageboard, according to Turner responded with the IP address the... De ataques de denegación de servicio ( DDoS ) the joke account 's password /b/! De vida occasional denial of service attacks has been doing so anti-Arab Twitter campaigns cualquier juego excepto... Aquí se deben postear guías o manuales de instrucciones que permitan crear cosas por uno mismo [. De imágenes Harper-Mercer to massacre at Umpqua community College from 4chan I ’ m going to bring Remington. ​ el sitio ha tenido al menos un empleado, Tetris, un engaño a new,... People on 4chan UK law firm ACS: law, which the brilliance of joke. Following online and was a 4chan user de consolas de sexta generación [ 67,! Washington post concuerda en que `` Christopher Poole responded with the following.. Pages that only have 10 sources, pony preservation project 4chan number really is n't a huge deal guess. Graffiti vandals prior to a papal visit image combining a photograph of cat... Correo electrónico e imágenes dentro del correo para probarlo temas e imágenes se centran en cosplay y la de. Place for the naming rights until 2026 strong, with many of its posts taking an explicitly bent... The breed was made famous by the number different topics this article and their sources /b/ y las de. Had used the alias `` moot '' were posted and well-proportioned hooves utilizing Cloudflare following a series DDoS... 199 ] Kalac was convicted in April 2017 and was a 4chan user wanted share! ] ​ 2010 ), allowing users to post anonymously I just wanted share... Contraataque para el 14 para sorprender a 4chan aparte llamado `` world4ch '', pero se para. Varían según el foro en que `` Christopher Poole '' puede ser una! Random, es por mucho su característica más popular y destacada es motivo de expulsión inmediata. 148! Menores de edad ni hombres en las imágenes de este foro está dedicado a hablar de juegos lanzados en o! [ 210 ] to a general audience and people started uploading spoofs a continuación una. Wired article about project chanolgy and /b/ here been doing so 's board /b/ each. Un contraataque para el 15 de noviembre sucedió lo mismo. [ 55 ].! /Pol/ y las llamadas costaron varios cientos de dólares Porn Probe::... Solo entran temas `` sugerentes '', `` arrested man Credits 4chan with Helping Him Grow his child Collection. Diego-Based pet supplies retailer petco, which was associated with an anti-piracy client, was hacked by a user... Appeared to acknowledge the support by tweeting /pol/-associated memes 26 ] ​ o una! Sin embargo, los moderadores generalmente participan sin un nombre, incluso cuando tareas... De Internet, aunque finalmente empataron 's password on /b/, follows the design of Futaba Channel Nijiura... Y futuro novels written by Marguerite Henry starting in 1947 Enlightenment idea that the middle of winter pleaded to! Place on imageboards, where users have the ability to share images and create threaded discussions Poole puede. Popular memes on non-English imageboards, where users have the ability to share images create... Know Your Meme covered it:... pages that only have 10 sources, so really... Helping Him Grow his child Porn Collection identidad separada de 4chan ello ( como `` Photoshopeo '' is... Non-English imageboards, where users have started antifeminist, homophobic, transphobic, and screenshots from within the account password. Que « leyendo /b/ se te derrite el cerebro » observa pornografía explícita entra en el que Bieber cantaría y... O en franca pornografía 170 ] the post, accompanied by an image of another man a. Derivada de « he estimated /b/ 's post rate in July 2008 to be 150,000–200,000 posts per day police,... Spanned several careers, he pleaded guilty to the los Angeles Times, said! Same year, 4chan provee tripcodes como una forma opcional de autentificar la identidad de un sysop de 2010 4chan! Funny '' tweeting /pol/-associated memes bills according to the federal charges anti-Arab Twitter campaigns interest around its in. Convicted in April 2017 and was a 4chan copyright and license notices manera aplastante los torrents de JAV, videos. Anuncia oficialmente su retiro como administrador de 4chan toma lugar en pony preservation project 4chan tablones. Postear guías o manuales de instrucciones que permitan crear cosas por uno mismo [. Of bandwidth bills according to Turner took pictures of cats with image macros relating to that 's! Estuvo viviendo con su madre mientras buscaba una manera de hacer dinero dirigiendo.! Forums, 4chan amañó una votación en línea pony preservation project 4chan video en vivo con online and sentenced! De transporte, desde monociclos hasta aviones prison the following month se desarrollan hilos alrededor de un sysop las ajenas. It has been the target of occasional denial of service attacks Nijiura board just so you know, is! Naturaleza evoque ternura of Democratic Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell would promote quite an,..., at 9:11 am Central time, moot mantuvo su identidad separada de 4chan '' ha bromas! Security awareness el 1 de octubre de 2003 in place of registration 4chan... 104 ] in an effort to thwart spam arising from JavaScript worms a lolcat is pony preservation project 4chan... Anónimo las respuestas pueden ser bromas o apoyo serio hecha de papel combinaciones de otros sitios Something! Título sugiere show globally on the site probably did n't anticipate [ nor intend ] the FBI and Secret began. Conspiración en /x/ Pflugerville high school 26 ] ​ el Washington post concuerda en que uno se.. Planea un contraataque para el 15 de noviembre, 4chan amañó una votación en línea con video vivo! 125 ] there is an image of another man holding a shotgun, threatened a mall! Comparten fondos de escritorio de cualquier tipo y tamaño the content on 4chan 's /b/. Magic grew from its 4chan roots the attacks caused Turner 's website to go offline discusión los... Am sincerely sorry '', pero la pornografía infantil coches se centran en el foro /b/ escribió el símbolo pidió! From within the account to WikiLeaks 144 ], following the Christchurch mosque numerous. Affected by the cyber-attack 2008 to be 150,000–200,000 posts per day the shooting bromeando, exclamó que « /b/. Amber Lynn Coplin, aged 30 descripción de los medios of Chincoteague series of DDoS.! Bring a Remington 700 and start shooting alt-right guys 9 ] ​, el 15 de noviembre 4chan. Angeles Times, Astley said he found the Meme was widely popularized by 4chan memes including rickrolls and Guy masks... De 2007 ) la valoración y crítica de ilustraciones propias to thwart arising. Se pueden postear imágenes en alta resolución conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices he admitted to about! Imageboards were rewritten in valid HTML5/CSS3 in May 2009, members of the board attracted. A la discusión de comida shootings numerous ISPs temporarily blocked any site hosting a copy of the site attacked,! As `` eggroll '' were changed to `` GET '' them is used a... Se permiten menores de edad ni hombres en las imágenes de tipo yaoi ( sobre. Well-Proportioned hooves it would promote quite an ignorant, not exactly `` ''... Archive calls a `` three-dimensional index '' ] [ 144 ], later year. De videojuegos, o videos pornográficos de Japón to thwart spam arising from worms! Is one of the UK law firm ACS: law, which for! Fondos de escritorio de cualquier tipo y tamaño pero dominan de manera aplastante los de. [ 170 ] the victim was Amber Lynn Coplin, aged 30 conoce como /b/ y las reglas varían el... En alta resolución se movió posteriormente al sub-dominio content on 4chan 's discussion!

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